My Why- Gabe Gyorgy, Custodian at Frost

July 11, 2023

Topic: My Why

Gabe Gyorgy is a custodian at Frost Elementary School whose booming and positive personality lights up the halls. His job keeps him going as he loves working with kids. He is also a part of the neighborhood, making him truly included in the community inside and outside of school.

His wife is a CCSD21 alumna via Frost and Holmes Middle School, inevitably graduating from Wheeling High School where Gabe also attended. Gyorgy speaks about Frost’s principal Catherine Joy on her amazing work creating a “family school where everyone gets along.” Gyorgy talks about how the uplifting environment at the school is prominent within the staff and students. “You can feel the love when you walk into that school.” 

Gabe has traveled across the globe as he was born in Germany; lived in Romania for seven years; moved with his family to Dublin, Ireland, for five years; then came to the United States in 2005. Even with some of his family scattered across the world, he now lives here in the community with his wife and newborn. In his pastime, Gabe likes to play in soccer tournaments on the weekends. Something you would be surprised to know about him is that he actually speaks multiple languages, which most people don’t know at first glance. 

Gabe prides himself to be a good mentor for the students at Frost. He makes sure that the kids stay out of trouble and stay on track. After giving them some guidance, the students have improved immensely compared to the beginning of the year. The students look up to Gyorgy and strive to be better because of him. “What I’ve noticed with these kids is that if you listen to them and show them a little attention, they will learn,” said Gyorgy. Gabe is a wonderful role model that District 21 is lucky to have. He provides a friendly persona that helps create the family like environment that we have here.  

Contributed by Sofia Horwitz, Communications Intern