CCSD21 enters agreement with Village of Wheeling for stormwater management facility at Twain

March 22, 2024

Topic: Updates

An aerial view of Twain Elementary School and its surrounding neighborhood. There is an outline along the left-hand side of a proposed stormwater management facility.

This is the proposed location and size of a stormwater detention basin on the grounds of Twain Elementary School. CCSD21 and the Village of Wheeling entered an intergovernmental agreement through which the village will acquire the land and construct the facility to help reduce flooding in the neighboring community.


Community Consolidated School District 21 on March 21 entered into an intergovernmental agreement with the Village of Wheeling for a stormwater management facility at Twain Elementary School.

The South Dunhurst neighborhood, in which Twain resides, has historically been prone to flooding during significant rain events. The village conducted an in-depth study of the neighborhood in 2021 and identified the north field of Twain as an ideal location for a stormwater detention basin.

As part of the agreement, the village intends to acquire approximately three acres of land on the north side of Twain’s property to accommodate a basin for the project it is undertaking known as the South Dunhurst Drainage Improvement Project. Micheal DeBartolo, assistant superintendent for finance and operations/CSBO, said that section of the field is not usable for school-related recreational activities, nor is it a property the district could develop, due to its poor grading. 

“We believe this [project] is not only good for our students and the community of Twain, but based upon what it does for the drainage for the area, it will be a game-changer for this neighborhood,” DeBartolo told the board.

The proposed basin would serve to reduce flooding in the neighboring community and protect it from future 25-year storm events. Further, it would have shallow-graded side slopes and a flat, dry bottom, which will be landscaped to add an appealing landscape. 

There is ongoing consideration for the inclusion of a walking path around the circumference of the basin. The village would also be responsible for erecting a secure perimeter to the basin, beautification of the area and additional enhancements to the property, as needed.

To recuperate some of that open area, and to benefit the students and community, the district will construct a 75- by 210-foot synthetic turf field east of Twain’s playground. This will allow for students to play on this surface year round regardless of snow or other elements as the surface can be cleared and utilized during the winter months. The village has agreed to reimburse CCSD21 for the costs to construct the turf field.